Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gizmodo Vs Detikinet

So, What's next? I have been loving templates of Gizmodo, kotaku and detikinet since I saw them for the first time. Except, detikinet, both Gizmodo and Kotaku (I think they are managed by same unit/manager) have uncommon style for their template. It's so artistic !

What I will to do to this my rmgb template style? Shall I adopt their or detikinet? Detiki, althought styled with common rule of magazine style, but, I do love its color composition. The color style is bright but simple and not garish.

Uhh..this is balling up me. Maybe I have to start with a draft each of them.

ical said...

Finally I've been make my own template..It's so confuse to choose between beauty template. So, I decided then make RMGB template by my self rather than adapt the Gizmodo or Detiki. Here is my own creation

Template by : Faizal Kasim